How should your organization structure and implement its strategy? What’s the most effective way to unlock value? And what’s the next step once you’ve made the leap to mobility? Our proven best practices cover all aspects of defining and executing a comprehensive mobile strategy.

Develop mobility strategies
Create mobility business and technology plans
Design mobility solutions
Drive enterprise and customer value


Accenture Mobility empowers clients to envision and reap significant enterprise benefits that drive real outcomes, solutions and results in business performance. Our proven methodologies and accelerators cover all aspects of defining and executing a comprehensive mobile strategy, including evaluating and establishing Mobility Centers of Excellence, tailored enterprise architectures and application strategies, security and infrastructure strategy and planning.


A global packaging manufacturer sought to manage the amount spent on individual, corporate-provided mobile phones and devices by creating a Mobile Device/Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for its employees. Due to Accenture’s industry knowledge in mobility, the manufacturer engaged Accenture to collaborate with them on the initiative.

Open MULTIMEDIA Services

Globally, organizations are increasingly adopting open source technology to address their IT requirements, eliminating high licensing costs, product dependencies and vendor lock-ins. Universally accessible, collaboratively developed and supported by a strong network of independent developers, open source has gained significant ground. Open source technologies improve IT application adaptability and flexibility, thus cutting operational costs.