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We provide integrated digital marketing services, driving the best results in promoting your brand with innovative and strategic benchmarks across the field of digital marketing. Our proven best practices cover all aspects of defining and executing a comprehensive strategy for your online presence.

A bespoke inbound strategy focuses all of your goals, targets and ideas into a streamlined action plan that will grow your reach, increase engagement and generate leads end to end.

We put your customers’ buying preferences at the heart of your inbound marketing strategy to ensure that you have the right content and touch-points at every step of the customer journey.



Responsive Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

Hosting Management

Web Maintenance

Analytics Configuration

ROI Audits


Our Client wanted a website that would represent their brand and showcase their products to audiences in the UK. Skean Tech was tasked with the design and build of a new website that we continue to support with digital marketing services, helping to increase their website traffic, conversions and brand awareness online.

The former website was restrictive and in need of a more engaging and SEO friendly design to improve their online visibility and UX. Our client came to us to manage the design and marketing of the website.

We built the new UK website and we put responsive design at the heart of the project, along with a focus on SEO. Optimising the website for both users and search engines involved assessing the main menu structure to ensure key product and service pages would hold the majority of the link value.

Not only this, but we also developed the new website with a CMS that is simple to use and built to support our content marketing efforts.

Increasing leads with an effective PPC strategy

Skean Tech was briefed to fully manage our client’s Pay Per Click account within Google Ads, this consisted of over 50 campaigns and hundreds of adgroups. Our target was to increase click through rates and conversions.

Client already had a Google Ads account in place with campaigns and adgroups running. We opted to re-create all campaigns, adgroups, target keywords and adverts.

We ran multiple adverts against each adgroup to split test and improve advert text. While we rebuilt all the campaigns we ensured each campaign only targeted within its region of the UK. With well managed weekly updates controlling bids, landing page improvements and negative keywords their Pay Per Click marketing channel is now their most successful lead generator.

Our client has a great internal team with whom we communicate well to ensure we are all driving the project forward efficiently and in unison.

  • Increased the number of clicks by 18%
  • Increased impressions by 7%
  • Increased the click-through rate from 6.46% to 9.05%
  • Increased conversions by 23%

Open MULTIMEDIA Services

Globally, organizations are increasingly adopting open source technology to address their IT requirements, eliminating high licensing costs, product dependencies and vendor lock-ins. Universally accessible, collaboratively developed and supported by a strong network of independent developers, open source has gained significant ground. Open source technologies improve IT application adaptability and flexibility, thus cutting operational costs.