Application Development & Support

The new world of mobile technologies and business without borders requires a solid, durable IT strategy and infrastructure to support the networks, servers, operating systems, and Cloud-based applications on which your entire business relies.
Succeeding in this brave new digital world requires nimble applications and an IT foundation pliable enough to evolve as technology and your company’s business goals change.

Portal and eCommerce Solutions
Mobile Technology & Native Apps
Content Management Solutions
QA & Testing Services

Infrastructure Management

The IT architects, designers, and developers in Skean Tech Solutions practice partner with our customers’ business teams to design, build, and deploy applications—and manage the IT backbones that support them—for any business, and for far less than it would cost to do so in-house.

Technology Managed Services
Cloud Solutions
Infrastructure Support

Workforce Resourcing

IT services and strategies. IT support and management. IT specialists of all stripes, working offshore or onsite. From website and mobile app development to QA and testing, a comprehensive set of solutions for all things IT.

Database Development & Administration
Enterprise Systems Analysis & Integration
Network Design & Admin
Programming/Software Engineering
Software Testing/Quality Assurance
Project Management
Technical and Customer Support

Open Source Platform Services

Globally, organizations are increasingly adopting open source technology to address their IT requirements, eliminating high licensing costs, product dependencies and vendor lock-ins. Universally accessible, collaboratively developed and supported by a strong network of independent developers, open source has gained significant ground. Open source technologies improve IT application adaptability and flexibility, thus cutting operational costs.

In-house expertise

Our domain and technology experience combined with a structured delivery process, superior project mentoring.

People focus

Our services are backed by consultants with in depth experience in competency assessment, planning

Best practices

Our dedicated open source center of excellence (CoE), investment in research and development.

Strong partnership

Our long-standing partnerships with leading industry vendors deliver combined expertise to each engagement.